Best Places to go in Ohio

feature--2Ohio is a state in the MidWestern United States. In this state, there are many places to visit, there is unquestionably nothing more exciting than the thought of going on a trip. So here are some places or attractions in Ohio that you must see. Cleveland is one of the most visited or best city in Ohio. This city is another of the large cities in the state and therefore one that you truly need to see and explore in case you’re going to understand the urban territories of Ohio. This one, is located way up north so its got an alternative flavor and feel to it than Colombus does. One of the things that is truly notable here is an urban center for the art and culture so in the event that you want to see theater and plays, exhibitions and even sports events in Ohio then you need to make sure to spend a decent amount of time in Cleveland. Dayton it is a city in southwestern Ohio, which is known for its technology. Read More →

The Rich History of Ohio

feature--3Ohio is one of the richest heritage in terms of Culture and tradition at the United States, the best part of living in Ohio is the part of Cleveland were it became known as the areas of “Cowboys in the East” since it is at the mid western United States. Read More →

My Personal Visit in Ohio

feature--1I had a really good chance with my family to be in Ohio for a week and it’s more than enough for me to embrace the beauty of this state. Here are some of the important places I have visited.